Tuesday, 8 October 2013

This morning we went to our Home Ed group.  Four families, including ourselves, have clubbed together to hire a small church hall/room, once a week over the winter.  The idea being that we can do group activities and get together whatever the weather.

Today we did one of the Crest Star science activities, investigating how far cans filled with different things roll.

2013-10-08 10.47.21

The idea really is to get the children thinking scientifically and logically – we got there although I had quite a bit of resistance from my three.

We then played with some playdough, sang some Christmas songs (we are practicing for a Christmas concert), played a game, had some yummy snacks and then did some art activities.  This week we did some castle building (inspired by our visit to Durham yesterday) and also investigated Pointillism.  This was inspired by looking at printed material under the microscope and noticing that in fact it was made up of tiny dots of often a very few primary colours.  We took along our microscope so that the others could see this too and then we tried painting with cotton buds to mimic the Pointillism effect.  We also learned a little bit about George Seurat and looked at his painting “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” zooming really close in to see the teeny tiny dots.

After Home Ed group we always go to the park to run around as three hours with no running makes everyone restless.  We were lucky to enjoy the October sunshine. Then we came home to work on a Code Club project and play.  We talked a bit more about Seurat and the difference between Impressionists and Post-Impressionists.

Finally, before bed we had story time.  We are reading “The Giants and the Jones” by Julia Donaldson and we are really enjoying it.  However by 8pm it was late and we had to stop reading at a particularly scary point so we are very keen to come back to it!

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