Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Making Stuff

I haven’t blogged for a while for two reasons.  Firstly, I was studying too and so my evenings were fairly full and secondly I was getting a bit bored with reciting the same old stuff about swimming and maths and all that.

Anyhoo we didn’t stop learning and doing stuff in the interim period – I just stopped talking about it.  I have of course been sneakily teaching them things when they don’t notice, forcing them to read stuff without them realising…

As an example this was part of my latest plan:

2013-06-17 15.50.11

This was our Father’s Day present for Daddy.

It is a very cool book full of father/son projects (if you want to have a sneaky peek inside try Amazon)

I ordered it early and the boys were very excited by it.  I set James the task of reading the introduction and making a list of tools we would need to buy – and he did a brilliant job.

I then let them both have a chance to browse and read it before we gave it to Dad so that they could decide on their favourite project.  Funny how reading wasn’t a chore when they were so excited about the different things they could make.

This has basically been my strategy.  Worksheets and exercises have not gone down well and to an extent I can understand that.  It all seems a bit pointless.  So instead I find as many ways as I can to get them to read and write in “real life” situations.

This was their favourite.  And it just so happens that we have oodles of cardboard boxes.
2013-06-17 15.50.37

2013-06-17 15.50.46

2013-06-17 15.51.13

And so yesterday afternoon, after a bit more reading we started on our own.  Pics of our progress will follow.