Friday, 3 May 2013

Cleaning up

Today ended up being a bit of a hotch potch.  The children all slept in so LG didn’t go to playgroup in the end as it took so long to wake up and get ready.  We are expecting visitors this weekend so I needed to give the house a bit of a tidy.  The three children all chipped in for an hour and tidied their playroom – and I must admit they actually did a great job with very little complaining.  I know!  No complaining!

As a reward I let the boys walk to the shop to buy three sherbet dipdabs – one for each of them.  LB1 impressed me a great deal with his maths ability.  He worked out the cost of three sherbet dipdabs and a bottle of diet coke for me.  It would come to £2.75 so I gave him £3.00 just to be sure and said he could keep the change to put in his jar of pennies.

He returned from the shop with a can of coke for me.  It wasn’t until later that I realised that was 54p less and he had pocketed the difference!  That boy will go far ;-)

While I was tidying the kitchen we started reading and talking about Greek Myths.  The conversation had started yesterday when I reminded the of the story of Echo and Narcissus after seeing some Narcissus while we were out.  This reminded me that we had a few books at home on Greek Myths so we got the out and started reading some of the stories together.  Unfortunately the story of Orpheus and Eurydice had LG in tears but we enjoyed some of the others.  We then compared them to some of the stories in the bible and talked about where these stories came from and why people would have tried to explain the world around them in this way.  It was particularly interesting to compare the story of Pandora with that of Eve.  It was a really good afternoons discussion of what was quite a difficult comcept and we will be doing more work next week on Ancient Greece to follow it up.

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