Friday, 5 April 2013

Easter Holidays

By the Thursday before Easter we were all ready for a break.  Most of us had a bit of a bug so we used it as an excuse to rest.  Chocolate was yummy and my lovely boys even gave Daddy and me some of their chocolate as a surprise!  So very kind – even more so as it was unprompted!

2013-03-30 20.08.15

We had another swimming week starting on Easter Monday where all three children came on brilliantly and worked very hard.  They all got their Stage 2 badges (though to be fair the standard varied a lot!)  LB1 got his 100m badge and LB2 got his 25m badge.  We now have quite a collection (and I must think of some way of displaying them when I have a moment).  We also fitted in an important trip to the opticians and the dentist – that’s what holidays are for aren’t they?

2013-04-04 16.38.25

2013-04-04 15.01.22

Oh yes and LB2 needs glasses.  He chose a very fetching Spiderman pair and we are waiting for them to arrive.

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