Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Sad Time

The 2nd week of the Easter holidays was supposed to be a time to meet up with friends and have some fun.  We did manage some of that:

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(LB1 is playing hide and seek by the way – not sinking into despair!)  We managed a trip to the park and a day at our house with lots of friends.

But there was also some sad news.  You might remember we had been to visit my great uncle in hospital just before Easter.  He was very ill and had been unable to eat whilst in hospital so was not getting any better.  On Sunday I was told that he didn’t have long left to live and was going down hill rapidly and I went to the hospital alone to visit him.  He seemed tired but alert and very happy to see me.  He had no children of his own so we have always been close.  Even then I felt hopeful that perhaps his diagnosis was wrong.

Then on Wednesday I had another phone call to say that the end could be very soon and if I would like to see him I should go quickly.  With the support of a very kind and lovely friend I was able to go and sit with him for the day, and then my parents-in-law stepped in the next day while he fought through pneumonia and seizures.  He died on Friday 12th of April just before I got to the hospital that morning.  He was with his wife and my aunt so thankfully not alone.

As you can imagine the children’s education to rather a back seat during this week.  It has been a strange time for all of us.  It has been very hard and emotional for me to watch someone I cared for suffer so much.  And it has been hard and confusing for the children to understand what was happening, particularly as I was so upset.

Here are some pictures of Great Uncle Ralph.  Rest in peace.

Jem Day 2 -014

Holding LB1 the day after he was born in June 2005.


His 80th birthday in 2007 at the party we threw him.


Reading to LG on her 2nd birthday in 2010.

There were lots of other lovely times but sadly I never seemed to have hands to spare to take photographs.  You will be much missed.

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