Saturday, 9 March 2013

We’re Back!

I don’t like disclosing when we’re away just in case there is a cunning thief who’s worked out who we are, where we live and has a bit of a thing about lego and cheap books. So no we haven’t disappeared.  We’ve been away.

But first things first.  Last Sunday somebody in our house was turned six.  We had a trip to the softplay and then a little party back at our house.  Then we saw Grandma and Granda and finished off the day by packing ourselves into a frenzy.  Nice and early on Monday morning we headed off to… Centre Parcs!  Our very favourite destination mostly I think because the children are still all of an age to enjoy endless hours in the pool.

2013-03-04 12.45.30

Now I realise that this is not a blog about holidays and fun ;-)  But this week we did lots of important learning about swimming.  That is to say I now have two boys who can SWIM!  And a little girl who can very nearly swim – she was just too nervous to take off her almost deflated armbands.

Now I should explain that before this LB1 could “not drown” for a few seconds but that was the extent of our prowess.  But the course we did at half term really seems to have encouraged them – I think because it was over the space of a week and they were gaining confidence quickly.  As you can see I invested in a toggle (woggle, noodle whatsit!) and one of those flat, floaty doodahs  so that we could practice while we were away.  And my goodness they worked hard at it!  Because the pools there are 1.2m at the deepest LB1 could stand comfortably and so wasn’t nervous.  There is also a large spa pool which was 0.9m – perfect for LB2 and LG who could both touch the bottom.

I realise it’s not an academic thing but actually that is the joy of home ed.  We can drop everything for a couple of weeks to concentrate on something just as important – and I do think swimming is that important. We had intended to do “proper” work while we were away too but the children were unsurprisingly exhausted. 3-4 hours in the pool each day will do that for you – never mind adventure playgrounds, squirrel spotting and the like.

But what an achievement!

The closest thing we got to work was taking some pictures of our favourite parts of Center Parcs.  So here for your enjoyment:




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  1. Lovely, very envious! Term-time holidays are definitely a plus point for home ed.