Monday, 11 March 2013


Today was the first day where I haven’t had a gnawing feeling of anxiety.  A feeling that I was doing something wrong, or not enough.  The boys got up and read, built stuff with lego (from the instruction book which I think is quite hard), watched a documentary (David Attenborough of course) and made their breakfast and counted their money (more about that later*).  All by half ten.  I didn’t insist they sit down and do a workbook or similar.  I didn’t feel the need.  I could see they were learning and enjoying what they were doing.

Then because I didn’t want to insist they come and do something I sat quietly at the kitchen table and did some drawing.  I am not an artist AT ALL.  I struggle with stick men.  But I thought if I sat and fiddled they would be interested and join me.  I was right:

2013-03-11 17.28.092013-03-11 17.28.302013-03-11 17.28.41

Can you tell which one is mine?!  The unfinished one!  The straight lines and no sunshine probably gave it away.

I also had great fun drawing this:

Though I must find out what proper artists use to rub out pencil because mine went very smudgy… although perhaps they don’t make quite as many mistakes as I do!  That could be it :)
2013-03-11 17.29.39

We also did some maths, listened to some old Bookclub podcasts from the BBC (the J K Rowling one was v interesting – we watched a lot of Harry Potter films while we were away) and accidently listening to the podcast about Agent ZigZag led to quite a discussion about WWII, Colditz and the Geneva Convention.  We did maths, LG settled herself for a session on Reading Eggs and we all busied ourselves for the entire day and it was lovely.  Perhaps I have unschooled myself…

*The money they were counting has been scavenged from around the house.  I was quite impressed actually.  None of the children get pocket money (mostly because they only want to spend it on sweets and they get quite enough of those) so I was curious as to where this money could have come from.  It turns out that Daddy has quite an annoying habit of taking the change out of his pockets and leaving it lying around.  And LB1 has been sifting out the 10ps, 5ps 2ps and 1ps and collecting them in a pot.  Quite ingenious really. Daddy doesn’t like small change so doesn’t usually pick it back up again and so it just collects everywhere.  On counting he had £2.07 and was very keen to share it with the others so that they could buy… well yes, sweets!

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