Tuesday, 19 March 2013

More swimming

Well I know I keep banging on about swimming but WOW!  For the record I am so, so proud of my boys.  As usual LG went to playgroup and I took the boys swimming.  If you remember it was not that long ago that the three of them did their crash course in swimming.  At that point LB1 could glide underwater, a technique which he called swimming but which I called “not drowning”.  It doesn’t count as swimming to me if he couldn’t take a breath and was nowhere near the water’s surface!

Fast forward a month and today LB1 did four lengths of the pool – two front crawl, one breast stroke and one back stroke.  He did so well!  That’s three different strokes, in the deep end, out of his depth for the first time and definitely out of his comfort zone.  Once he’d managed it he was keen to do more so I’m sure he will improve swiftly.

LB2 was a little huffed and not happy with his own half length but as I pointed out he is much smaller and younger than LB1 – 20 months and 17cm makes a big difference!  It is much harder for him right now and will take him a little longer but again he had never been without his armbands or a float until two weeks ago!  Goodness they are competitive and so easily discouraged.  It seems to be my biggest job at the moment to show them over and over that no one gets anything easily and without effort.  Still, if they learn only that before they are ten I think that’s not a bad thing.

This afternoon we did some maths and then some reading.  We have started reading a new book together: The Falcon’s Malteser by Anthony Horrowitz.  I would say it was aimed at about 9+.  We took turns in reading and both LB1 and LB2 astonished me at how good they were.  I had expected LB1 to read confidently but LB2 who is only just 6 (and whose initial reaction was “The words are too small!”) managed amazingly well with his first pictureless book.  It is very funny, which the boys enjoyed.

Out of interest I tried LB1 with this test this evening.  I have no idea how accurate it is but he came out with a reading age of exactly 11.  That seemed reasonable and about right given the kind of thing he reads.  And reassuring that I’ll have to try really hard to stuff it up!

Apologies for no pictures today – will try harder tomorrow :)

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