Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Counting the Days

No pics again today I’m afraid.  Daddy took a half day and took over Enjoy-a-ball and ballet duties while I studied.

I am very,very sick of studying.  It seems that as time goes by life is encroaching more and more on any spare time so what little I have is always studying, or thinking about studying, or feeling guilty because I’m not studying.  I am v close to the end one way or another.  It may be that I have to give up.  I think about it almost every day at the moment as I just can’t see how I could possibly catch up in time to sit my exams.  I keep holding on – one more late night, maybe two…  Any joy I had originally in studying for it’s own sake completely gone and just replaced with endless guilt.  Guilt about giving up.  Guilt about continuing and not spending enough time with the children.  Guilt about giving up and being a Bad Example.


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