Monday, 18 March 2013

A Trip Out

This morning we had a trip to Seven Stories with friends.  We don’t normally go out and about on a Monday but the weather has been so horrible that it seemed good to get out of the house (our original plan to go pond dipping scuppered by the cold, rain and snow – ugh).

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There were lots of lovely things to see.  It was especially interesting to see Julia Donaldson’s drafts and the sketches for the artwork in her books.  I do like to reassure the kids that no one gets things right first time!

Then we headed off to IKEA to look at sofabeds.  Not exciting and not what I had originally planned for the afternoon.  It turned out the didn’t have the one we wanted and the weird and wonderful combinations they had in the cafe meant chips for lunch (mummy fail!)

Still it’s swimming tomorrow and I will show you the work the boys did whilst at Grandmas.  It is just their first draft so lots to do in the afternoon :)

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