Friday, 22 March 2013

A Day with Friends

This morning LG decided that she would like to go to playgroup.  It isn’t her usual day but they have space so off we went – and so the boys and I met up with a friend to do work in a cafe on the high street for a change.  Brrrr it was cold!  We found a little corner of the cafe and settled down to lemonade and treats which spurred the boys on surprisingly well.  LB2 didn’t do any writing – I think he is becoming slightly disheartened by LB1’s ability to write prodigiously so we’ll have to work on that.

Anyway today’s challenge was to write a creative story about Centre Parcs.  I’d already given them lots of ideas as that had been my plan for last week’s writing so…

2013-03-24 08.22.37

This is LB1’s plan.  I confess I was slightly perturbed by the apparent racist overtones of the burglars being “black,tall and fat” and was mighty relieved to discover that the policemen were blue!  It turns out LB1 is just fattist – what a relief!

2013-03-24 08.22.47

This is his first chapter. I think the second section (after my spellings) was an attempt to round things up quickly so I would buy some food at the cafe so I’m ignoring that.  The first part was quite a decent 1st draft and again I have typed it up so that he can edit it.

And then I decided to write Chapter 2 to help him along and give him some ideas (well we’ll see).  It’s really hard this writing lark!

2013-03-24 08.22.58

2013-03-24 08.23.07

In the afternoon LG had a friend over to play which was very exciting for them both – she still doesn’t do this very often and it is nice for her to have her own friends and special time.

2013-03-22 14.21.18

Dressed to impress!

And as a brief aside, I made some bread.  Mostly because we had completely run out so it seemed like the only option (I'm not usually this domesticated).

2013-03-22 15.47.26

2013-03-22 16.43.04

2013-03-22 16.49.26

As you can see it did the lid lifting thing but it was edible – and more importantly got eaten! Everyone was very impressed :)

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  1. I'm so impressed with the writing! Francesca hardly did anything on Friday in the end, but I was very glad to have Sebastian happily entertained while I had a rest(!)

    The bread looks great - a lovely texture inside, isn't it?! Well done :) And a big thank you for the link too.