Thursday, 28 February 2013

Full of Beans

While LG was at playgroup this morning we looked at our beans and seeds again.  We compared the beans and seeds that had soaked overnight with the dried ones left from the packet:

2013-02-28 11.31.08

The beans had swollen a lot but the seeds hadn’t changed.  We talked about why this was and then cut open a few of the beans and seeds to look inside.  It was really easy to see the different parts of the bean.  The boys were particularly fascinated by the seed coat and how the inside of the bean was actually quite a different colour.  This is the best diagram I have found online so far:


And these are our beans:


I found this website to be particularly helpful with lots of worksheets, resources and ideas which we’ll be using soon.

We didn’t have a lot of time as we had to scoot off to collect LG from playgroup and then off to the Hatton Gallery again for the Home Ed art session they run there.  It was another great one.  This time we looked at the work of Ed Ruscha and an exhibition they have on loan from the Tate.  We looked particularly at his picture “Pay Nothing Until April” and then created our own collages:

2013-02-28 13.36.47

I must be honest modern art like this doesn’t really float my boat but the kids really seem to get so much from it.  I wondered if it was because the style seems so much more accessible.  Whatever the reason they were disappointed at first that the Mary Webb pictures had gone and had remembered far more than me about her work!  As you can see they got very involved in their artwork and continued to work on it after we left.  I used some of the bargain folders I bought in Asda and created an art folder for each of them so that we have somewhere to store and display their work – otherwise it just seems to so easily get lost.  I’ve also printed out some information on some of the artists we’ve looked at.  They were so inspired by remembering the Mary Webb pictures they did some more of those too :)

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