Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Deep Breaths

Oh our Monday meltdowns led to a quite spectacular Tuesday meltdown.  Only this time it was me melting down…

I have been really struggling with LB1’s manner.  He is so very grumpy a great deal of the time and my patience had been worn very, very thin.  To cut a long story short I ended up being called into work and Daddy showed me this when I got home:

2013-02-13 11.51.55 2013-02-13 11.52.26
2013-02-13 11.52.18 2013-02-13 11.52.41

The “sort of” comment amused me a great deal.  That is so very like him.  Though I am not expecting perfect behaviour.  Just a little self restraint so he’s pausing to think before expressing every emotion he has.  I also need him to cheer up a bit as he can be so very negative.  He does seem to have got the message so here’s hoping.

I also had another worry about doing enough and thought perhaps a schedule would help LB1 as he likes things to be ordered and structured.  I did attempt a schedule today but it all dissolved as we became engrossed in our maths and wanted to finish our work.  But at least that has taught me another idea – that perhaps it’s ok to work on one subject for a couple of hours at a time.  I had been worried about concentration levels but actually we seem to work better this way.  So I’m going to have another look at our free time and schedule subjects for longer periods once or twice a week.

I’ve also been thinking of more ways I can involve LG.  She is 4 and not actually supposed to be at school yet but she does not like feeling left out.  So I have started by printing her a few workbooks from sparklebox so she can do numbers when letters when we are working too.

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