Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow Day

After Monday's histrionics, yesterday I thought perhaps another approach was needed.  In case anyone hasn't noticed it's been snowing here for a while now and we hadn't really been out and enjoyed it much.  So after taking LG and her friend to playgroup the boys and I headed to the park for some snow fun.

So far so good!  There was a bit of complaining about the cold but I ignored them and started to make a snowman.  LB1 caught the bug and started making the head whilst LB2 sat on the sledge for a bit before eventually deciding to go and look for sticks for arms and whatnot.  It turns out that rolling giant snowballs is quite a workout for your glutes and by the end I was pretty tired.  The boys wanted me to rush off to Sainsbury's to buy a carrot nose but I persuaded them that we could manage just fine with sticks...

Ta da!

What do you think?  We were pretty impressed with our handiwork!  As there wasn't time to stomp all the way home in the snow and then stomp all the way back again (I don't drive in the snow - much to the disgust of the children who have pointed out every car on the road with an accusing "They can drive in the snow mummy") we headed to the "cafe" which is really our local Wetherspoons.  (We call it the cafe mostly because I don't want strangers thinking that the children's favourite place is a pub ;-)

And here is where things started to go wrong again.  LB1 dissolved into wracking sobs when I accidently reminded him that the last time we came I didn't buy enough squash and so ended I up with none.  The first of many tears yesterday.  Tears I don't really understand and I'm still learning about.

We got home with a couple of hours to spare before we headed out into the snow again.  I managed to persuade LB1 that we could practice sending emails again and he sent a few to family members.  LB2 busied himself with drawing and I sat feeling like a failure again because I wasn't succeeding in interesting them in anything.  It was panning out to be another tough day.

Fortunately, in order to distract from the mummyisrubbishitus that my three had contracted, LB1 and I had another talk to go to so off we all set to meet Daddy from work (who was taking care of the younger two) while LB1 and I listened to stuff about the sun.

The talk was good and pitched quite young so very understandable but unfortunately a couple of things had LB1 in tears again.  I'm starting to realise that perhaps he reacts to some things differently and I need to make allowances for that.

Anyway we got home pretty much in one piece and after all little people had been dispatched to bed I had a big Think.  And then a Talk with daddy.  The long and short of loooooots of talking and loooooots of thinking is a new approach.  A bit of a different way of doing things which might at least quell the amount of crying that's been going on.  Will it work?  No idea.

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