Thursday, 31 January 2013

Fun Day

We had more of a fun day today.  This morning we took LG to playgroup and then visited a friend’s house so that I could play violin with her oldest girl.  I love having someone to practice with, it is so much fun.  While we were upstairs fiddling, the boys were downstairs colouring cards for Daddy and building stuff.

After we collected LG we disappeared to Nanny and Grandpa’s for the afternoon.  I have given up trying to insist on any work being done while we are there as it is a place of Fun and Games.  The stress and tears involved in are just not worth it!  So instead LB1 watched David Attenborough documentaries and lined up some dinosaurs.  That may seem a strange occupation for a seven year old but lining things up is one of LB1’s favourite things.  he was so proud of his “pose” as he calls them that he asked me to take some photographs which of course I did:

2013-01-31 16.21.452013-01-31 16.22.122013-01-31 16.23.252013-01-31 16.28.04

LB2 did lots of drawing.  His drawing is improving so much and he just loves it.  He showed me some pictures he had done for Nanny at the weekend:

2013-01-31 13.56.00

Above we have Robin, a policeman and a baddy.  I think the baddy is supposed to be someone specific but I can’t remember who…

Below we have Batman and Twoface (I think?).  I love them!

2013-01-31 13.56.19

LG, Nanny and I played lots of games and then did a little bit of cutting and sticking for good measure.  Chapter 3 of our story will have to wait for tomorrow morning, in between preparations for Daddy’s birthday.  Everyone is very excited – we will be making cakes and decorating our kitchen to surprise him.

We did have a few wobbles today.  LB1 had a few tears over some unusual things.  The first occasion was playing a game at our friends house this morning when he suddenly burst into tears because I wasn’t winning.  At teatime he had more tears because I didn’t get any apple pie for dessert (I actually didn’t want any but he thought I had been left out).  After his tears last week because I didn’t get any orange squash I’m a bit worried about what is going with him.  It really seems to concern him if things aren’t fair for me.  I have been trying to remember if I have said something recently that might have caused this concern.  He even asked me this afternoon if he could have pocket money so that he could save it up and buy me a present.  I’m a little bit worried about him.  He is not really one for cuddles but I think he might need an extra bit of attention over the coming days.

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