Thursday, 31 January 2013

Enjoyable :)

We started today by reading a bit more of Framed.  LB1 asked for it and seems to be really enjoying it.  I too want to know what happens and keep sneakily reading ahead!  It is such a lovely book though I am such a sop I find myself welling up at the oddest places which the children find a bit weird!

Then we worked on our story together (Chapter 2 at the bottom of the post).  We talked a lot about different ways of saying “said” as we had a lot of speech in this chapter.  Even LG joined in and found it great fun to decide what she might say in the given circumstances.  They were all acting out the story – no sitting still in this house :/  The boys really wanted to move on to Chapter 3 but I think it works best in small chunks as it gives us all a chance to think about what will happen next.

After a bit of play and tidying we then trouped off to Sainsbury’s as it is Daddy’s birthday on Friday and we are planning a surprise party.  We bought some food and a couple of little presents and we’re looking forward to decorating the kitchen on Friday morning.

We dropped the things off at home and then quickly made our way to Enjoy-a-ball.  LB2 had been once, last year but was not keen to go back on his own – he is surprisingly shy.  This is a special home ed class so I was really keen for him to try it again.  Now his big brother wanted to go, of course, things were different!  I forgot to take a picture of the boys after their session but they had a great time.  LG is still too little (Enjoy-a-ball starts at 5) but there is a room next to the hall and she had great fun running around and playing with her new friend Z:

2013-01-30 14.06.09 2013-01-30 14.07.30

We had to run after class this week rather than hanging around to play as LG has ballet and had to get there a little early to try on her new outfit:

2013-01-30 15.45.04

  As you can see she was thrilled!

I have been avoiding the whole pink ballet outfit thing but they are having a performance soon and everyone has to look the same.  So we now have the full kit.  I was more concerned about the practicalities – it looks awfully cold – but we bought a cardigan to go with it too and I’m on the look out for some leggings.

LG loves her ballet and tap class.  it is almost too girly for my tastes but I can’t deny her as she enjoys it so much.

I overheard her talking to her brother today.  “All princesses go to the ball” she said, then paused.  “Except Belle, Belle didn’t go to the ball.  But that was ok because the Beast was lovely and gave her a ball at home.  Ohhhhhh do you think we could have a ball at home?  I would love a ball at home!”  And then they had a long discussion about what to wear and what food to bring :)  I have resorted to telling her that lab coats come in sparkly pink in order to encourage an interest in science!

Finally, the next instalment of our story, The Missing Snowman:

Chapter2: Looking for Clues

“Darn it he’s gone!” cried J “Now L and E can’t see our snowman. Pathetic. Just Pathetic!” He angrily kicked a lump of snow with his foot.

“How did it happen?” said S crossly.

“Teenagers?” said J.

As he spoke Mummy, L and E walked up behind him.

“So where is our lovely snowman?” asked Mummy.

“Where has it gone J?” said L.

“I’m very sorry to say that it’s been smashed.” J replied.

“Yes, and we need to find who did it.” said S punching the air.

“But how?” said Mummy “We didn’t see them do it.”

“Oh! Why not look for clues?” exclaimed L.

“But what clues?” said Mummy, puzzled.

“Well, these footprints are bigger than J’s.” said S, examining the ground closely. “How about we follow them?”

“Yes” agreed J. “Look here, there’s only one print where they have stood and kicked the snowman. It’s them alright.”

Everyone looked carefully at the footprints to see which way they had gone. After a moment, E, who had been quiet all this time, said softly “I think they are going this way.” She pointed back across the field and towards the shopping centre.

“Let’s go!” cried S.

“Yes! I really want to find out where they are.” shouted J, jumping up and down in the snow.

“When we find them, can we take them to jail?” asked L

“No,” said J darkly “It’s not illegal to smash a snowman. It’s just a snowman after all. But we’ll teach them a lesson. A snowball in the kisser that is!” And off they all marched, following the footprints.

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