Thursday, 24 January 2013

Asda and the Big Bang

Today was not a day for doing much.  The snow is still thick here and going through that awful melting stage that makes it difficult to walk through.  LG was at playgroup today which meant a forty five minute walk to the high street.  As I can't expect the boys to then spend the same amount of time returning home only to do the journey another two times (even I would balk at three hours walking) we headed to Asda for a potter and some toast.

As seems to be the case though even a walk to Asda seemed to cover quite an amazing range of subjects - we covered the Terracotta Army of China and the Emperor's mausoleum, how we know the earth is round, Copernicus, the horizon - as well as discussing the third and final talk we were going to this evening.  So we did do some work!

We also concentrated on learning to cross the road safely.  I say the same things every time we cross the road and while LG seems to be taking it on board her older brothers appear still to be oblivious and so I thought I may need to be more forceful at insisting they start looking for traffic.  I used a little bribery by explaining to LB1 that when I felt confident he would be able to walk to the sweetie shop by himself.  With MONEY.  Oh yes.  That sharpened his mind!  I made him walk in front and talked him through each crossing.

Learning to cross the road

There is still a lot of practice to be done but it is a start!

When we arrived home after a long morning my new noticeboard arrived - hurrah! I was so excited! Little things :)
  2013-01-24 14.50.37

Then after an early tea we headed off to our fourth and final talk of the week. As daddy was working late all three tiddlies were coming with me and I must say were very well behaved. Even LG watched quite a detailed talk on the origins of the universe and explanation of the Doppler Effect with only occasionally whispered questions such as "Mummy what is the MOS FEAR." Ha that would be the atmosphere then!

The talk ended with quite a fun demonstration of a "big bang" by lighting a balloon filled with hydrogen.


And then they asked for volunteers to inflate the universe which Lucy was insistent she wanted to do! The boys also took their turn but only once they realised there was chocolate in it for them.

A good day.  Looking forward to tomorrow and our snowman themed writing.  We went to visit our lovely snowman as we walked through the park and discovered he had been smooshed.  The boys were very sad but then I suggested we think of a story where we could track down who had broken our snowman - or perhaps he had wandered off to meet his friends... they were very enthusiastic.  We also have to finish our snowman instructions from the other day so am looking forward to a day of imaginative writing tomorrow.

Here's hoping the snow will go soon!

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